Welcome to a Waverly Landmark! What is now known as the Uptown Bar & Grill was once a privately owned liquor store in the early 1900’s and The Municipal during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The building and business have changed hands several times over the last century, but the experience remains the same – friendly atmosphere, fair prices and the best burger you’ve ever tasted! Enjoy your visit, and come again!

Monthly Specials
Burger: The Miami Burger -1/2 Lb Burger with Swiss Cheese, Ham, Pickles and Dijon Mustard.  $9.50
Appetizer:   Rib Tips. $7.99
Tap Beer:
Bottle Beer: Bud Lite & Mich Ultra $3.50
Drink: “Purple People Eater” : Gin, Ru Vodka and Grape Pucker with Sweet and Sour and
Sprite. $ 4.50

Shot: “Billy Bob” $4